Sports Law

When you think of a “sports lawyer,” do you envision a lawyer who represents only a narrow pool of high-profile clients, such as professional athletes, sports leagues, or sports clubs? To the contrary, “sports lawyers” represent a wide variety of clients who need legal advice and representation that usually requires knowledge of several areas of law.

The sports attorneys at MJC offer a plethora of services. You might find them representing clients such as:

  • Amateur and professional players
  • Coaches
  • Referees and officials
  • Leagues
  • Governing bodies of the sports industry
  • Athletic administrators
  • Educational institutions
  • Sports facility owners and operators
  • Sports broadcasters
  • Sports equipment manufacturers
  • Sports medicine care providers
  • Businesses that sponsor athletic events or athletes
  • Concessionaires who serve food and drink to fans at games

Sports Law

The eclectic nature of the sports law field requires our sports lawyers to have expertise in several areas of law to effectively represent our clients. Our representation of professional leagues and clubs requires a general understanding of contract, labor, private association, antitrust, tort, tax, and intellectual property law. We even represent professional athletes where we must be familiar with labor and employment, contract, federal and state tax, and worker’s compensation law, as well as athlete-agent regulation. Our sports lawyers have strong contract negotiation and drafting skills to represent our professional sports industry clients.

We also understand the arbitration process because most employment-related disputes between professional athletes and leagues or their respective clubs are resolved by mandatory arbitration. Representation of individuals, educational institutions, and governing bodies that are part of the youth, high school, college, or Olympic sports industries also requires broad knowledge of contract, private association, tort, and constitutional law and of arbitration.

Let our sports lawyers at Manson Johnson Conner deal with matters surrounding any of your sports related issues. Don't hesitate to contact us if you need any of our sports law services.